Tuesday, January 17, 2017

BBC One gets it.

You know I can't say I have ever been frightened by an episode of The Twilight Zone.

That is until it broke through the fourth wall and became real.

Now it scares the piss out of me.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Sarah Palin is really pissy that liberals are not kowtowing to Cheeto Hitler.

From the dumbest part of the internet, Sarah Palin's website: 

Unhinged! 2016 Presidential Candidate Says UNTHINKABLE About Trump 

Sadly, we have seen the liberal left become absolutely unhinged following Donald Trump’s election victory. (It's funny how she confuses the word "unhinged" with "patriotic.")

Celebrities have threatened to leave America. Riots have erupted across the country. Politicians have tried to delegitimize Trump’s victory. The media has blamed the election results on Russia. (And your point?)

It has been a mess. 

The list of liberals who have said outrageous things about Trump seems to grow by the hour. (Actually there are a number of conservatives on this list as well.)

Then Palin references this tweet from Martin O'Malley.
Seems perfectly reasonable to me.

Okay back to the bitching.


Can’t we do a little better than that? (Yes we can, we are already organizing protests all over the country.)

Nothing Donald Trump has ever done is even remotely comparable to the Nazis. (Let's see, target one group of citizens as being the cause of all our problems, rallying white supremacists to follow him, having a private secret security force, attacking the press, using totalitarian language, yep nothing comparable to he Nazis.)

It’s foolish to even try to make the comparison. (Foolish = Patriotic.)

Martin O’Malley didn’t gain any traction in the 2016 race and statements like this are part of the reason why. 

No he lost because he was up against Hillary Clinton, the same Hillary Clinton that her candidate needed the Russian government and FBI's help to defeat.

You know after all of these years of arguing about preserving American values and standing up to authoritarianism you would think that Sarah Palin would be on the front line in fighting against Donald Trump, and his Russian puppeteer.

But instead, like many conservatives, she has allowed her partisanship to interfere with her patriotism.

Which of course is not surprising since that patriotism was completely false to begin with.

Monica Crowley drops out as Trump's foreign policy advisor over plagiarism scandal.

Courtesy of the Washington Times:  

GOP foreign policy adviser Monica Crowley said Monday she will relinquish the senior job she’d been poised to take in the Trump White House. 

Ms. Crowley, who had been tapped to be senior director of strategic communications at the National Security Council, had been dogged in recent weeks by questions about whether she lifted portions of her past written work from other writers. Her move seemed designed to keep that from becoming a distraction as the Trump team prepares to take office.“

After much reflection I have decided to remain in New York to pursue other opportunities and will not be taking a position in the incoming administration,” she said in a statement. “I greatly appreciate being asked to be part of President-elect Trump’s team and I will continue to enthusiastically support him and his agenda for American renewal.” 

She was to have worked for National Security Adviser Michael T. Flynn, a retired Army lieutenant general.

I have to admit that I am a little surprised, I thought lying and cheating were prerequisites for a job with the Trump administration. 

There was so many instances of plagiarism that Harper Collins decided to pull her book "What the (Bleep) Just Happened" off of store bookshelves.

Well that's one down, I wonder how many scandals will be uncovered concerning the rest of Trump's administration?

Colorado Congressman sneaks out back rather than face constituents angry about his support to repeal Obamacare.

Courtesy of Think Progress: 

Congressman Mike Coffman (R-CO) tweeted Friday that he was excited to return home to Colorado this weekend, but things didn’t go very well when he got there. 

On Saturday, his open meeting to chat with constituents at the Aurora Central Library was overwhelmed by voters particularly concerned about the fate of their health care if the Affordable Care Act (ACA, also known as Obamacare) is repealed — a plan Coffman supports — without a replacement put in place. Rather than meet with most of them or even address them, he left the event via a back door and escaped in a waiting vehicle.

Gee taking away people's health care and then sneaking out the back.

Yep sounds like a Republican politician to me.

Raw Story has more on the incident here.

Trump's White House Chief of Staff says he has "no plans" to get rid of FBI Director James Comey.

Courtesy of The Washington Times:  

The incoming White House chief of staff said Sunday that President-elect Donald Trump does not plan to replace FBI Director James B. Comey despite increasingly public calls from Democrats that Mr. Comey should resign. 

“There’s no plans in this moment of changing that,” Reince Priebus said Sunday in an interview on ABC’s “This Week.” “We’ve had a great relationship with him over the last several weeks and he’s extremely competent.”

I don't think any of us should be surprised by this. Of course Trump has a "great relationship" with Comey, he provided the final push that helped him to win. 

I still think that Comey had some assurances before sending that letter that if Trump won his job would be safe.

I can't prove that or anything, but Comey HAD to know that if Clinton won his career was over.

So if he was going to risk everything like that he had to know there was a safe place to land.

A list of everything, and everyone that Donald Trump has attacked since the election. Do you notice what's missing?

Let me give you a hint, it starts with an "R."

Was there a 1958 western in which a character named Trump promised to build a wall to save people from the end of the world? Yep.

Courtesy of Snopes:  

The television series Trackdown really did produce an episode featuring a "Trump" character who came to town claiming that only he could prevent the end of the world by building a wall (and also sold special force propelling umbrellas to deflect meteorites). The episode (S1, E30) aired on CBS in 1958 and was titled "The End of the World," featuring actor Lawrence Dobkin playing the role of "Walter Trump." A synopsis of the episode from the Classic TV Archive reads as follows: 

Walter Trump, a confidence man, puts on a long robe and holds a tent meeting in the town of Talpa. He tells the townspeople that a cosmic explosion will rain fire on the town and that he is the only one that can save them from death. Ranger Hoby Gilman attempts to prove Trump is a fraud.

Every time I think this whole thing cannot get any more surreal, well you know the rest.

I am beginning to think that Donald Trump is nothing but a fictional character himself cobbled together from bits and pieces of television series, comic strips, and science fiction novels.

(BTW did you notice that the TV character was sporting Trump's actual hairline?)

Ah, now I get it.